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Just Installed iATKOS - Need Help Though


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Ok, I formatted a partition I had available on my drive with the OSX file system from disk utilities. I checked permissions on it, ran fix permissions, and formatted the partition fully. I ran boot loader from utilities, typed the drive #, slice #, and selected no EFI and continued...


It gave me a permissions and unmount error about /dev/disk0s2 (my OSX partition). I proceeded to install OSX. I loaded up Gparted afterwards, after getting a no operating system msg on my screen upon boot.


The OSX partition does have the boot flag; however, nothing really happens when I try to boot. My other partition is Vista which I now moved the boot flag too. What can I do to boot into OSX? It installed fine on the empty partition, the format, and everything went very smoothly. I just cannot boot into it for some reason.


Any help or feedback would be very greatly appreciated! :D

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