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Any thoughts? Natit QE/CI - GeForce 7300GT resists in Leopard


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installed "Mac OS X Leopard 10.5.1 for AMD SSE2/SSE3 (32bits)" several days ago. Left me sleepless since then. :)


The installation has some Geforce, Nvidia and ATI kexts included. Those cause a kernel panic, so i removed them all after the installation. Since demonoid is down, i couldn't find the necessary kexts anywhere but in this post.


So i edit the DevIds and copy the following files in my Extensions folder:










In Terminal i enter this

sudo chown -R root:wheel /System/Library/Extensions/GeForce.kext ;

sudo chmod -R 755 /System/Library/Extensions/GeForce.kext




sudo rm -f /System/Library/Extensions.mkext

sudo rm -f /System/Library/Extensions.kextcache

diskutil repairpermissions /


After reboot I can change my res but no QE/CI.

I've tried with other natit (also nvinject) versions, they either gave me the same or even a kernel panic.


Did I do something wrong? Or is this just a common Leo problem? The HCI says that there should be no problem...


I attached a shot from my bootscreen, maybe that helps.



Thanks a lot for your help!


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I have the same problems with a nvidia 7600 gt 256mb video card....same kexts installed...same ci/qe NOT enabled...



I got FINALLY CI/QE enabled on my Nvidia Geforce 7600 GT 256 Ram Video card....I copied Nvidia Kext picked up from a TOH AMD patch found in internet, enabled the permissions for the files and reebooted...now i've got 1280x1024 res ci ad qe enabled...

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sounds like the paradise is near...


I just can't find those patches :P


Would you mind telling me where you got them from. (PM'd do ok)

And: What Version of OS X did you install?



I have the same problem. No QE/CI. I'm using the latest version of NVinject with a GeForce 7900GS. Could you tell me where you found the patches?



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