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Building a Hackingtosh, stuck on a few pieces

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Hello, I saw this guide


and thought that since my computer died, it would be nice to build a Leopard machine

I need your help with the compatibility of some parts please


What I have/will be getting (keep in mind I'm on a budget + I live in Canada so no newegg)


- iATKOS_v1.0ir2.iso.

- 430 Watt EarthWatts EA430 Power Supply

- Intel Core 2 Duo E4500 2.20Ghz (BX80557E4500) Dual Core, 64-Bit 2MB cache, Socket 775 Processor-retail box

- 320 GB SATA2 HD (already have)

- 2GB DDR2 @667 (already have)


What I need:

- Leopard compatible, cheap Motherboard (really on a tight budget, the motherboard in the guide was $200+)

- Leopard compatible video card (I can easily get a 7300GT, but will it be completely compatible? Is there anything more powerful that is also compatible, like the HD2600Pro?)


Can you guys help me get these last two parts?

Is there anything wrong with my choices so far?

Do I need to know anything else? (It will be a fresh install once the system is assembled)


Thanks a lot in advance :)

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Hi compatible motherboards have been recommended in many threads just do a search and you will definitely find something. I would recommend the Asrock 1333 Conroe DVI/HD v2. Works like a charm really and it is very cheap - 60$ maybe even less in the states. Everything works in the first go but you will need to check that the Bios version is 1.4 anything higher and it won't even boot from the DVD to install. However after that giga ethernet works, sata works, sound works with AppleHDAPatcher even the GMA works with full QE/CI full resolution changes.


As far as a graphics cards go why not check for a second hand/ebay X1950Pro . I bought one for the same exact price of a 2600XT but it is fully compatible with Leopard just go to Bronyas thread on here with the drivers and install them. It is much faster than any of the 2600/8600/7600 stuff and I bought it for 80$. Just make sure to look for a solution without the original ATI cooling solution as it is pretty loud.

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Thanks a lot




Is this the motherboard? Seems kinda dated (Intel 950 onboard is in older models), not much room for expandability. Also, what happens if the bios version is newer than what you were talking about?


You said the X1950 pro is pretty loud, I really don't want to further my spending by buying aftermarket coolers. I just want something recent and 100% compatible

Do you know if the HD2600Pro is? Because I can get it cheaply

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No actually it is a slightly newer one. It has 4 ram slots and yes admittedly it is a bit dated but it is also very cheap and very compatible. At the end of the day it has SATA, PCI-e accepts all C2D processors the only thing that I do not like much is its potential for overclocking but oh well.


Here it is in a UK site http://www.ciao.co.uk/ASRock_ConRoe1333_DVI_H_R2_0__6700263


If the BIOS is newer you will need to either install it through a bootable floppy/windows DVD or even simpler really install Windows and use the windows flasher from the Asrock site. It is very simple really.


The X1950Pro with a cooler from ATI is loud but many of the X1950Pros out there are with different cooling solutions so just keep an eye out the for them Asus and Powercolor are two I know about. I have the Powercolor one that uses the Arctic Cooling Accelero S2 which is very quiet.


As far as I know the 2600Pro is not compatible although I haven't been following the progress on it lately so things might be different now. Just search for 2600Pro in the forums and you should get a more definite answer about this.


As f

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