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Very Close to working with iATKOS!


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Hey everyone, i am very close to finally being able to boot OS X on my PC. before i go ahead here are my specs



C2D E6550

2GB Corsair XMS2

8800GTS 320MB


Ok, well iATKOS is the first CD that has actually ever booted from my computer. without needing to do anything in the bios too! I started and found my disk. im using a 150GB seagate disk and that is it. I made on partition of 80 gigs for OS X and left the other one for Windows Vista which i would be installing later. i went through everything ok, here is what i chose for the drivers/patches:


All of the EFI patches. 3 in total

SEE2/SEE3 Kernel

8800GTS driver for card

realtek driver


I installed and restarted but got a blinking cursor. It says in the FAQ that it means taht partition is not bootable (which it is, when i boot up gparted live CD it says "boot" under "flags". (thats what its supposed to be right?) then it says that it could be that the jmicron isnt supported. I think its the JMicron but im not sure because its already installed and everything right? the drive is on the ICH9R on my mobo and not on the JMicron, but the DVD drive is in the JMicron. It is JMicron D38 or something to be exact. shouldnt it boot up even if the drive is in the JMicron (the CD booted didnt it?)


one last thing: when i go to set the partition bootable in gparted under flags and select boot then when i go back to the OS X dvd and boot up it doesnt show the hard drive when its ready to install. am i doing something wrong there?


any help is greatly appreciated. I AM SO CLOSE!!


thanks again uphuck for a release that actually boots up! and to the rest of the team!

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