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Can no longer load Leopard all the way?


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Hey, i had a near perfect install of leopard going. I left my computer on, ate dinner (was gone for about 25 minutes) i come back and my computer was off. I assumed it went to sleep, cause my sleep just shuts of my computer. I turn it back on and i get the apple gear loading screen, it finished loading, the screen goes blank as usual.. but usually after about 2 seconds it loads the display drivers and im in leopard. But now the screen stays black forever. I am able to boot up succesfully in -x, but i do not see any problems. When i boot up with -v.. i barely see any problems except at one point very breifly it says "NVDA failed to initialize display" or something along those lines. I assume thats what is wrong, i think im loading leopard fine.. without a display. Does anyone know how to fix this? thanks


edit: ok i booted into safe, i removed my RealtekR1000.kext, Rebooted sucessfully. But then i reinstall and reboot and same problem. That is weird as this has never happened before, i was succesfully running this kext, no problem. I hadnt edited any settings, nothing. Does anyone know why this is happening?

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