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the bcm43xx on hp is that a card problem not mini pci-e? please submit ur card FULL details

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so ive read alot of topics about this issue, tryin the pin 20 cover makes the card on all the time, but im really wondering is it the card issue, not just like said that it's a mini pci-e issue?


the reason im sayin that is that the card i got is off a compaq 6700s and it is not detected at all nor shown in system profiler or ioreg. but it shows in dcpi manager.

people have been talking that it happened on c500 and c600 compaqs i think...but i do not have any of those, i got the hp in my signature...and i doubt it's a common thing between compaq and hp coz in the mean time other people reported pavilion dv6000 and dv2000 families with working swapped cards with bios hack.

since mine is off a compaq i had no BIOS error problem, but i did patch the bios after i did not get it workin but in vain.


my point is that how come people say it's a mini pci-e problem of identification on the OS while some other people have it workin on hp and i got hp not compaq!!


CAN IT BE A FIRMWARE PROBLEM, depending on the rev or version of the cards.


my card says:


BCM94311MCGHP3 revP2 on the sticker that covers the back


on the front on the IC: BCM4311

and i can read rev1.00 and rev 0A and eng rev 5.4 on different stickers put beside or on top of each other.


could people please post their details so we can might find a relation between working cards and those not working if it's a firmware or version thing?


Thanks, i hope we can solve this issue soon enough coz i cant live without wireless much longer and im sick of hanging USB wifi off a mobile laptop!!

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