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Keyboard not working in xp

Anders Holm

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After i've installed Leopard 10.5.1 with the Kalyway dvd i am able to boot into both Leopard and XP.

They're both installed on the same raptor hd with 2 partitions, mbr.


Now, when i boot into Windows XP i can't use my keyboard. This makes me unable to log into windows because of my password. Normally it's connected to the one of the USB ports on the back of my pc, but i've also tried connecting it to the PS/2 port, with no difference.

My mouse works perfectly, it's only the keyboard that doesn't:(


Please help me, what makes me unable to use my keyboard in windows XP ?




Intel C2D E6300

Asus P5B-dlx-wifi/ap

3 GB Corsair ram

Liteon Sata DVDRW

WD Raptor 74 GB

Keyboard: Logitech internet navigator special edition

Mouse: Logitech G5

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