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Cannot start the install


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Hello everyone,


I have started to install xxx 10.4.11 (but whatever, I tried many other versions; Jas, Myz, uphuck; 10.4.6 to 4.9) onto my new config, but the install couldn't start, stopped immediately with this/these messages (a few seconds after I put the install disk) >



USBF: 35.415 IOUSBHIDDriver[...]:: start - unable to get interuppt pipe

USBF: 35.416 IOUSBHIDDriver[...]:: start - aborting startup

Extension "com.apple.driver.IOBluetoothHIDDriver" has no kernel dependency

Still waiting for root device




By the way, I can put many versions (from Myzar 4.6 to uphuck 4.9, whatever) onto my old config which was a P4, 6600GT, etc, without serious difficulties, but now.... :)


My new config>

E6550, 2G, P35DS3L, 8600GT, SATA hdd


I have a 160gb Sata hdd, which is partitioned into 2 parts; one for xp and the other is for osx86. Acronis OS selector installed too.


I tried to enable AHCI, pull out various USB stuffs, but nothing. Nothing and nothing... Whats wrong? (Oh, and there isn't any Bluetooth stuff in the mobo's BIOS...)


Thx in advance!

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For some reason the install seems to be loosing the IDE/SATA controller.

I have one here like that, though mine will boot a "vanilla" install on a hardrive (installed on another computer, then swapped over).

I have no idea as to the why.

But, what I'm going to do is install on a computer that I know I can install on (with the appropriate options), then after the install, but before the first boot, I am going to swap the hardrive over.





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