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Help Asus P5B-E and KALYWAY 10.5.1


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I'm a newbie and after KALYWAY 10.5.1 install without problems, when OS startup for the first time I can see the apple with the loading ring but after a while the ring stops to rotate and nothing happens.

I searched a solution in olds post but I didn't find anything or I'm not able to find the right solution.


In KALYWAY custom settings I checked Vanilla kernel, ATI X1xxx driver, Azalia Audio driver and EFI.


This is my configuration:

ASUS P5B-E (Intel P965 + ICH8R + Jmicron)

Intel C2D E6750

2GB (2x1GB @667mhz) - 2 available slots

ATI X1600XT 256mb

WD 80gb (Leopard) internal IDE drive (on Jmicron)

DVD-RW internal SATA drive


Please, what I have to do?

If you need more info, please, let me know.






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