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Display Resolutions with Macbook Pro and Mac Pro


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Something weird happened to me the other day when I was at the Apple Store. I played this game http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/334475 on two different computers. First I played it on a new Mac Pro with Penyrn based processors, 8 of them, with a 256 MB graphics card on a 30 inch Cinema Display. To my suprise when I ran the flash game fullscreen, the game slowed down to unplayable proportions.


Then I played the game on a 15 inch Macbook Pro with the same kind of 256 MB graphics card and it worked flawlessly with no slowdown whatsoever on fullscreen. In fact it ran faster. However when I played it on a 17 inch MBP with 1900 by 1200 resolution, similar slowdown occured. The MBP's both had 2 GB of ram and I'm not sure how much the Mac Pro had. At least 4.


Does this have to do with the screen resolutions, the graphics card, or lack of RAM to draw the image fullscreen with full speed? Please get back to me.

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