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I installed jas 10.4.8 in vmware, but i want it to boot up when i restart(from real dos)


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hey gyes :rolleyes:

first i installed the newer version of tiger, but got an the 0x003a8d2f error. then i downloaded 10.4.8 version, but i ran out of burnable dvd's so i installed it from vmware, installation ran smoothly, however, under the prossess of installing 0x003a8d2f i messed somthing up so i only could boot windows up with a cd that has somthing called NTFS fixer or loader, cant remember what it is called.

now when i boot up without this cd. rigt after bootscreen it says somthing like



and nothing else happens, i really want to boot my installed os x up from dos(installed from vmware), and to do that i think i need to get the bootloader(or what it is called working again) workering againg


i have checked the boot.ini, and everything seems fine, also some people say that i need to at the linje D:\chain0 = "OS X" in boot.ini to get it boot, but when i cant even boot my windows,


Hope im not to confusing, i search alot for this problem.



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