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Airport Error on install

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Any help would be appreciated...


I have a Compaq Presario c554tu, and I have put osx86 on it, JaS 10.4.7.

It's installed and I'm typing to you from it now, everything works besides my Broadcom wireless.

I've tried editing files and all, it's Device ID is 4311 and so it should work with the kext thats already in, but It doesn't come up no matter what I do, any ideas?


I would love a .pkg file so its easy enough to do for my little half nerd brain, I'm great with PC/Windows, but I have only recently started using Mac.


When I install it, I boot Verbose Mode "-v" and It shows this on the screen:


configd[31] : Error : copyAirPortPrefsRef can't commit preferences : no such key

configd[31] : Error : WirelessAirPortDevice: No wireless Driver Found


I thought, this won't be to big an issue and ignored it, the laptop continued to boot and I installed. I also have no battery indication icon either. Please help me.


once again any help greatly appreciated and I'd hate to have to run back to windows because of no wireless... :(



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