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leopard 10.5.1 recgonized only 1 processor on my system

adrian mak

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cpu: Intel C2Q 6600

mb: Asus P5K-E wifi-ap

ram: a-data 4G (2G x2)

display: XFX 8800GT 512MB (g92 core)

hdd: WD 160GB Sata2

method: kalyway dvd installation


I used kalyway dvd for installation. Bootup in the welcome screen successfully. B)


However I checked that leopard recgonized only 1 processor.


How do I fix it ?

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It's actually one processor, but it should show you 4 cores.

How it reads in About This Mac, More Info?

Also, what kernel have you choose in installattion?


I still remember I choose only vanilla kernel and boot_mbr, nothing else at all.

How/where do I check leopard is recognized as a 4 cores cpu ?

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