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HP 530 notebook and gma950


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Hi everyone,


I bought myself a HP530, which is a nice and sleek laptop, however its fitted with a

gma950, and both kalyway 10.5.1 and xxx 10.4.11 completely deny it exists :)

Okay, i can boot, get a gui but no CI/QE and stuck at 1024x768. System profiler

tells me that there is no kext loaded for the graphics card.


after a lot of googling and trying a lot of options (replace framebuffer kext, using gma900 fixer, jas 10.4.8 gma950 pakage etc.) i figured out my gma950 seems to have a rather unique id, which its 27AE and not

27A2 like the MacBook, Mac Mini and most other GMA950 equipped computers.


so my first thought was to modify the set of kexts beloning to the GMA950, hower, i cant seem

to find the proper device id's inside the 950 kexts and bundles :D


Makes me feel like a newbie, so i hope anyone can help me out :)

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