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10.4.8. Strange Behaviour (help needed)


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Hi to all, this is my first post (so don't be too rude on me :P )


I successfully (sorta) installed Jas 10.4.8. on my HP Pavilion DV5027ea. (ATI x200M)

The setup went flawlessy, then I rebooted my laptop.


I see the grey background with the white apple, and the rotating circle.

Suddenly, the circle freezes.

In background I can hear the Apple Intro movie, that indicates me that the system has started.

But I can't see anything on screen, only the grey freezed background and the white apple.

All works: hardware keys, volume up/down, brightness up/down.


What can I do to temporarily access to my desktop (any resolution is welcome) to install the x200M package and see if all works?


Thanks in advance to any kindly help!!



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