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MSI MP54G-BT2 wireless working


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The old Atheros AR5005 card would not work under Leopard in my HP dv1410 laptop so I went about looking for a solution.


Came across a good deal on a brand new MSI PM54G-BT2 MiniPCI WiFi-card with Bluetooth embedded. Not that I needed another Bluetooth device, but the price was right I am seemed to recall that Ralink was supported under Leopard.


After hacking the HP BIOS to allow the machine to boot with an "unautorized" WiFi card I first was disappointed. No WiFi detected. Searched the forums a bit and with help from this thread I solved the problem.




I downloaded the RT25** drivers from http://www.ralinktech.com/ralink/Home/Support/Macintosh.html


These are only 10.3 and 10.4 versions, but works under Leopard... Well, WPA doesnt work, so I switched over to WEP and that works brilliantly.


Make sure you get the right drivers, the ones for MPCI and the RT2500-chipset. I tried the other drivers which had Leopard support, but then the card would not be detected at all. Probably could be solved with some hacking :( But since it works with WEP I am happy so far. Now the laptop has wireless as well. Only the battery issues to fix. And I think I found a few pointers to PowerManagement.bundle that I will attempt.

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