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OS X 10.4.8 On Toshiba Portege M100

Chad Arthur

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Hey guys,


I just installed OS X 10.4.8 from JAS on my Portege M100 with the intel 855GM graphics card. Now, I'm aware that (according to some older posts) that you need 10.4.1 to get this adapter to work with QE, but that's not my main concern. This laptop performs well enough for me, (wifi and sound working perfectly) for me to use it for work. My problem is, when the computer goes into sleep mode, everything does it's job (hard drive fan etc.) but whatever was on the screen when the machine went into sleep stays there. The screen doesn't come off, neither is it updated until I move the mouse. I'm afraid my screen's life will be shortened because of this, and my precious battery life will eat up more than it should on a regular basis.


Is there any hope for me? Or even probably a way to allow my screen to shut off when i hit the power button? All other PowerManagement features work fine, battery etc. If i could just get this working, I'd have the perfect system for my work :(.


Thanks already.

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