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Kalyway boots on internal HD but not on external usb HD


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well im wanting to install retail dmg of leopard to my internal drive from my external usb hd. at first i installed kalyway to my external but it would not boot (boot flag was active on the right partition i know that for sure) the only thing that happened was that the activity light on the external drive just blinked and i just got a blinking cursor on my monitor. i did get it to boot with my internal kalyway but pressing F8 and using "rd=disk1s3" but after i installed pc_efi the internal darwin loader wouldn't boot (just like it is supposed) therefore i couldn't do the "rd=disk1s3" trick. so i tried "rd=disk1s3" with my kalyway dvd and it wouldnt work like my internal darwin did.


please help...

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