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Dell Truemobile 1505

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I purchased a dell truemobile 1505 wireless draft-n card (broadcom devid 4328) direct from dell a few months ago, and the connection has died after a certain amount of usage since the day i got it. Once the connection dies, the card still thinks it's on but will not find any networks. This happens in both leopard and xp on an Asus w3j laptop.


I put the card in my friend's dell 640m laptop, and it works perfectly in leopard, no problems whatsoever. The only thing i can think of is that the card is overheating due to the smaller space it is enclosed in with my w3j. Upon heavy usage the card is so hot that touching it for more than a second would result in burns.


Does anyone have any other ideas as to what is wrong with the card/my computer? I am about to purchase a broadcom wireless g card off ebay to see if it makes any difference, but would like to save my card if possible. I tried using aluminum foil to act as a makeshift heatsink, but it didnt seem to work. Any suggestions as to whether the heatsink idea is even feasible?


Thanks in advance

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