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Mac OS X UpHuck 10.4.9 with Intel sse2 Freezes in login


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hello to everyone:


I`m Fresh and New, and i have a question, I have a Vaio VGN-FS930F:


Wireless IPW2200BG

GMA 900.

Intel Pentium M (1.7Ghz) sse2 With SpeedStep

512 Mb Ram DDR2 400

Intel Chipset 915GM (Ich6)

80HDD with 4 partitions: (Partitioned with Acronis Disk director)

first primary partition (hd0,0) is for HFS+ Mac OS X (15Gb)

Second primary partition(hd0,1) is for NTFS Win Vista(15Gb)

third Extended Partition(hd0,4) is for Fat32 (logical) and linux Swap (45Gb)

fourth Primary Partition (hd0,3) is for Ext3 Linux(6Gb)


and a MacOsX 10.4.9 DVD 1.3 by Upchuck (SSE2 and SSE3, Intel and AMD) And i get a very singular post-instalation problem.


If some one can help me, i really aprciate it, the problem is:


Once the instalation is over and get the adecuate kernel, patches, apps and drivers for Intel SSE2 Proc. i finish the instalation and reboot the machine, (so far so good. . .at this point), but after rebooting the machine (NOTE: i do not config the Grub, it`s a plain native x86 Mac OS X Instalation in my Vaio) and getting the white-gray apple logo start, it just give me a blue sky screen. . . .and then just a blue ky screen, nothing more, no logon loading, no Login, nothing at all.


thats just everything.


Tanks in advance :D.


Note: i do apply the loginwindow.app from 10.4.4 which is needed for sse2 Intel systems.

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