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XxX_10.4.11 - not installing, still waiting for root device


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I've PMed a few people on this site that have close specs to my setup that have had OSX working, as well as reading/searching a bunch on the forums, but for some reason it still does not install and no one's suggestions have worked.


I'm getting the "still waiting for root device" error so there's not way for me to even load OSX to get to Disk Utility.


I've tried switching Sata devices to Slot1/2 etc., and turning on AHCI mode, and tried many different versions, but they all either have other problems or still birng me to the "root device" error. I've burned the DVDs at super slow speeds, so I really don't think it is that.



Any help is greatly appreciated.



Q6600 2.4

Abit IP35 Pro

Geforce 8800GT

WD 160GB Sata

Samsung Sata DVD-RW/CD-RW

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