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Dual Booting Guide - no chain0 neccessary


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I know this might be passe' and many installation of OSX dual boot guide exist but so far. this is the easiest i've tested.


What you need.

1. OSX86 installation CD

2. Windows XP installation CD

3. Fresh unpartitioned HDD


=== before proceeding, make sure your data files are backed up since this procedure will remove all your files ===


How to do it.

1. Boot using osx86 installation cd.

2. Parition using Disk Utility

* i set mine with 3 partitions, 20-20-40 formatted as hfs+(osx86)-msdos(xp)-msdos(files)

3. Install OSx86 using your working configurations.

4. Reboot

* you will notice that at reboot,

* you can only boot to your osx installation with dvd in your drive. just let it be.

5. After you complete your osx86 installation


It's now time to install Windows XP

6. Boot using your Windows XP installation CD.

7. Install on the 2nd partition available (DO NOT INSTALL ON THE 1st PARTITION)

* I've formatted mine as NTFS so that OSx86 won't be able to write to my XP

8. Install to your chosen partition (2nd partition for that matter)

9. After installing XP, reboot. This should bring you to Windows XP only. (this is good)


So at this point... there are two things accomplished.

a. OSX install which only boots when DVD is in drive prior to XP installation

b. Windows XP install that boots which appears to be the only OS installed.


Next steps... Configure dual booting...

10. Boot again using your OSx86 installation CD

11. Run Terminal

* "diskutil list" - this will list your hdd. take note of osx disk (eg. disk0)

* "fdisk -e /dev/disk0 (replace disk0 with your OS disk number)

* if this dont work and gives you an error... try "fdisk -e /dev/rdisk0"

* "p" - this will show your partitions

* "flag 1" - where 1 is your OSx86 partition.

* "write"

* "exit"

* "exit"

12. Reboot - you will notice that this time around, only OSx86 boots.


Next steps... Insert a delay in your boot menu...

13. In OSx86 (your installation...)

14. Open terminal

* "sudo -s"

* "cd /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/"

* "pico com.apple.Boot.plist"

15. Add the following lines.

* <key>Timeout</key>

* <string>8</string>

exit pico by pressing "ctrl-x"

answer "y" to save the file

"exit" to exit sudo

"exit" to end terminal session



16. Reboot - this should bring you DARWIN BOOTLOADER, press UP/DOWN keys to show your disk partitions with corresponding disk labels.


* you can rename your partitions to your hearts desire within corresponding OS.


Happy Dual Booting!!!

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