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Help with Leopard ToH Version installation


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HI. well this is my first post.. so i think it gonna be interesting lol... well i have some problems with leopard... i have a pentium d 2.8 ghz q gb ddr2 and a 40 gb ATA hard disk... i boot muy ToH leopard i follow properly the ToH installation steps and when the installation finishes and the pc restarts... it appear an error that told me to restart the pc again.... and if i restart it.. it appears again... at the back of this windows.. it appears some Terminal and says


Mac os verision (or something like that)

not installed yet


and i dont understand why appears this


if someome can solve this problem..thx!


here i upoad a photo of my problem




see yaaa!!

and thx


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Hi Shadow_Razor,


Usually if you can get to the screen you've posted the mach_kernel has been loaded and the process of loading the kext file are happening...


So a couple of possibles for the error are:


1. The AppleSMBIOS.kext driver can not load.


Hopefully this isn't it, but if so try a different leo release or

search for other AppleSMBIOS.kext and manually replace it with the one on the HDD



2. Other kext are conflicting with each other.


If you are able to boot into the partition without the Install DVD....Start the PC and press F8 to get into the bootloader, then enter the following command to enter safe mode:




This will start the OS with minimal kext's being loaded.


Although these 2 things could be the issue, I'd recommend trying a different release of the OS it would probably be easier, since the next step for the install is for it to load the temp IMG volume for your user information.


Hope this helps a bit



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