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kerberos and open directory


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hi guys hope you can help me with this.. i have and xserve a dual g5 running 10.4.11 osx server, and 20 units of emac with 10.4.11 version of osx.

ehat im trying to do here is make make the xserve as the emac home directory.. ( just like active directory on windows) I followed the guides to this...


this is for the server side


and this is for the client(emac) side


but there was a problem i cant make the kerberos server to run.. and as i understand its the one responsible for authentication..


anybody familiar with this? hope you guys can help.. im really new to this stuff


hope to hear from you guys soon..





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Dude... On Tiger under Apps/Utils you can find Directory services I think. In there you can change home directories. if your XServe is on 24/7 (i.e. you boot you other computers AFTER the XServe is ON) then you can choose /Volumes/XServeDriveName/XServeShare and it'll work fine. As long as you choose to mount the volume drive on bootup on your slave computers. Would give more detailed descriptions but I don't have Tiger but Leopard and it's different.

Try this:


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