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Getting Past The Blue Screen Consistently?


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Can anyone tell me why I would only be able to boot into OS X on my Dell Insipron 1200 in multiples of 3?


First time: get to blue screen, have to power off

Second time: get to blue screen, have to power off

Third time: boots into OS X


This happened with the installer DVD as well, so it's not just now that the install has worked.


This is regardless of the starting options I use (ie, -f -x -v).


It's not the end of the world, but it is annoying, and I don't know why it would happen every third time.


Dell Inspiron 1200

Intel Celeron M (1.6Ghz)

1.25GB RAM

40GB Toshiba Drive


Intel 910/915 Graphics

Intel AC97 Sound


Everything works (except my wireless card, not a huge deal) including sound, when I can boot into the OS.

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