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Trying to test out 10.5 .. need some advice


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I have 2 internal HDD's in my computer.


Hard drive A . 2 Partitions - HAS VISTA in 1 partition, Extra space (NTFS) in the other partition


Hard Drive B - 3 Partitions - HAS 10.4.11 in partition 1, FAT 32 partition (Empty), and a NTFS Partition(Empty) - The two empties i can reformat to HFS+



I've been using OSX86 for little over 2 months, I go into vista maybe once a week.


To do so, i just boot my computer, change the HDD boot order in the bios, and either OS boots and works.


I don't want to mess with my 10.4.11 b.c it's flawless aside from SystemProfiler doesn't work.



I want to try to install 10.5.1 (Kalaway sse2 sse3 Dvd)

and see how it runs


How would I do this, i know there is something about active partition right?


I have P4 2.6 NW (sse2) currently w/ 10.4.11 Dariwn , Kernel 8.9.1





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