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A few questions about my new Leopard install


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Hi guys


I have successfully installed iATKOS v1.0i r2. Here are my specs:


Core 2 duo e6750

2gb RAM

Asus P5k SE mobo

Nvidia 7100gs 128mb

Realtek 8139 NIC (onboard Attansic is not supported)

Onboard Realtek ALC 883 sound (NOT WORKING)

Asus SATA dvd drive

Fujitsu Docuprint 203a laser printer (NOT WORKING)

OS installed to external usb IDE hard drive, onboard IDE controller not supported.

SATA drives detected fine


Ok so here are a few questions/issues I'm having. If anyone can help out I'd appreciate it very much.


1. My sound doesn't work. I've tried installing the package for the ALC 883 kext but it does not help. I've read I may need to change the pci id's in the plist file but I don't know where to find that info? I got my sound working last night using the AppleHDA patcher :D


2. My printer isn't working. I've found out that Leopard is meant to have a driver for the Brother HL 2030 printer which is identical to mine. When I go to choose the driver, I have a very limited list of printers. Does anyone know where I can get the driver for it? I would think the install disk as it is meant to be included with Leopard.


3. QE/CI isn't working for my Nvidia 7100GS, any tips? System profiler says it's using the NVInject driver, so I added the device/vender id to the info.plist but it hasn't changed anything..


I'll keep searching the forums for some answers but like I said, any help will be appreciated!




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