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Thumb drive not appearing on desktop unless you reboot?


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I just realized that the thumb drives I have, can be ejected, but when plugged back in, they don't reappear (unless you plug it back in within 10-20 seconds). After that, it requires a reboot to be seen. Is this normal for OSX? Have tried with 2 Memorex's, 128mb, and 1gb, and a FlyDrive 1gb. This is on a Gigabyte GA-945GCMX-S2 motherboard. I'm having problems with thumbdrives not even mounting on the new intel bad axe 2 leopard install. I need one of these drives to work, in order to do the patching. It doesn't matter how I format these, with FAT, FAT32, or Journaled.


Just tried with Maxtor USB 2.5" 160gb external drive, same results.

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