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UltraISO/Transmac Help needed to make Install Disk


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I have been trying to get an install disk to work for around a week now and so far have had no luck what so ever.


I am probably doing some thing wrong so I’m hoping that someone out there who has managed to get an install disk to work using UltraISO and Transmac are prepared to give this poor moron some help.


First of all this is my set up. From what I have read It looks to be ok for the installation method I have chosen.


Intel 915G S775 MATX A V L

Celeron 345J S775

1 gig ram

80 gig IDE HD

LiteOn DVD+ -R/WR

USB mouse and keyboard



I have a copy of the Marklar-Tiger.dmg, the aoh750d patch, UltraISO (full version) and Transmac.


I have tried using the instructions posted to make an install disk but they presume you know what you are doing.


Load UltraISO and convert the Marlar-Tiger.dmg to Marklar-Tiger.iso. (This has worked ok)


Load Transmac. During the initial loading I get an error message telling me the “drive door is open or the incorrect DVD is loaded”. Click “OK” to continue Loading


When the main window opens I find the Marklar-Tiger.iso that has been previously converted. This shows up in the PC folder section


From the menu select Tools/Disk CD Image/ New Mac volume image. Select

HSF+ format and make the image size the same as the DVD-RW. Save in My Docs. This then displays the HSF+ Volume in the Mac section


Now comes the tricky part for me because all the instructions I have read so far tell you to Select Options/Show Hidden Files. I am assuming this displays all of the individual files within the iso but it does nothing.


Click on the HSF+ Volume then drag the marklar-Tiger.iso into the mac section. It takes a while to transfer the file.


As all the files are still hidden I double click the Marklar-Tiger.iso. Again it takes a while but eventually it takes me back to UltraISO showing me all of the files within the iso. I find this very strange because there’s no mention of it in any of the instructions.


Anyway I find the oah750d patch and add it to /usr/libexec/oah/ overwriting the old file.


The instructions now tell you to close transmac and burn to DVD. Well here’s another problem when I try to burn from UltraISO it first asks me to save the file. So I do. Then after the initial DVD set up process I get an message Saying that it cannot burn “This type of File” and duly spits out my DVD.


Following this failure I try to burn the Image from Transmac which seems to write the file ok but when I try going through the install process all I get is a Black screen and the message “OS install failure”


Please Help because this is driving me nuts :(

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