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7300GT 512mb and 7800GTX 512mb = NOT WORKING

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I built a fresh Hackintosh using Weaksauce' guide for the Intel BX2 motherboard. I can't get either the eVGA 7300GT 512mb or the BFG 7800GTX 512mb to work using either NVinject 0.5.0 or NVinject 0.2.1 (including the one marked for 512mb cards on nvinject.free.fr). If I swap in an older 5 series card it works great as well as an 8800GTS 320mb, so the install is fine and the NVinjet is installed correctly.


As soon as I use either of the 512mb cards my screen fades to black after the white Apple loader screen and I'm stuck there with a cursor that I can move around.


Has anyone had any success with these 512mb cards? I'm stuck!

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