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OSX 10.4.11, Stuttering audio/flaky NIC on Optiplex GX270

Mac Guy Josh

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I've searched the forums and can't find an answer to my question, so if this has been covered before, I apologize.


I have been able to successfully install OSX 10.4.8, and then upgrade step by step to .9, .10, and finally .11 on a Dell Optiplex GX270 mid-tower. The system runs great, actually much faster than either XP or Vista, which is what I've run on it in the past. I'm experiencing a few relatively minor issues, though, and would be glad if someone might have a few suggestions to resolve them.


Integrated Video - works great, full resolution on Dell 1905FP

Integrated Audio - not detected by OSX

PCI AC97 sound card - detected, and works. *However, when playing audio in iTunes, after about 2 or 3 songs, the audio starts to stutter really bad. All I have to do is pause the song for about 5 seconds, then start it again, and the audio is fine for another 2 or 3 songs. This usually happens more when I'm using Safari or downloading something, so perhaps an issue with the NIC? Any ideas?

Integrated NIC - detected and works. *However, it doesn't always get an IP from the network. Sometimes I have to open Sys Prefs, Network, and toggle the NIC to BootP and back to DHCP and then it gets an IP address. I'm wondering if there's a correlation to the issue I'm experiencing with the sound card. Any ideas?

200GB IDE Hard Drive - works great

16X DVD+/-RW - works great

Dell USB Keyboard/Mouse - works great

Software installed - iLife 08, all works except for iPhoto (won't let me edit images); Microsoft Office 2004 with all updates, HP Photosmart software for AIO, Quicken 2007, RealPlayer, Stuffit 12, SuperDuper


So what I'm looking for are any tips, suggestions, directions to other articles, that would help with the audio and NIC issues I'm experiencing. Also, thank you to everyone for the very helpful articles and forums on this site!



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