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"Package" of boot problems in Kalyway


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Good day, here is my problems with this release.


I have two HDDs, one is IDE and other is SATA. I installed Kalyway on third (3rd) partition of SATA drive. During installation IDE hdd was phisycally turned off (by power cable). And here is my problems:


1. If IDE drive is turned off, Kalyway does not boot if Kalyway media (DVD) is not inserted - I get an "b0 error". If Kalyway DVD is inserted, all boots ok.

2. If I turn IDE HDD on, I cant boot in Leopard at all although SATA HDD selected in BIOS as first. I got an "Press any button..." messege of Darwin (because Kalyway media insterted, otherwise "b0 error"), but after 10 seconds I dont get an Kalyway booting, but only a choose option with boot into Leopard Installation Media item only.


So, to boot into Leopard today I should insert Kalyway DVD and turn off IDE HDD. How can I fix it? The first problem is annoying, but permissible, while this trouble with an IDE is not so - I need both HDDs working. So, please, help me fix these issues if it`s possible! Thank you!


P.S. And, no, I can not install iATKOS, it doesnt work on my configuration (the best result - kernel panic).

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