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Uphuck v1.3 Wont boot up without DVD


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Hey Guys, (sorry, wrong board, my bad)


I got the Uphuck v1.3 Universal Install DVD and installed it successfully, after setting up the partition via DISKPART in Vista.

I used this command to create partition on allocated disk space (30Gig)

[b]list disk[/b]
[b]select disk 0[/b] (my only Disk 160Gig)
[b]list partition[/b]
(now here is listed my Vista Partition 120Gig, the rest is allocated)
[b]create partition primary size=29986 ID=AF[/b]
[b]list partition[/b]
(now both are listet)
[b]select partition 2[/b] (the new one)


I restart my machine, boot up from the Uphuck DVD and install.

(Following packages: AMD Universal Kernel 3, Verbose Mode, PowerManagement Patch, Azalia Audio, iTunes, Quicktime, Adium. That's it)


Here's what my problem is about.

If i let the DVD where it is, in the Drive, Mac OS is booting up (if i press F12 to boot from CD)

Looks like this:

Darwin/x86 boot v5.0.132
2048MB memory
Atombios ATI
Use Arrow-Keys up- and down to select the startup volume
    [u]DVD Uphuck v1.3 10.4.9 INTEL/AMD SSE2 SSE3[/u] [5..4..3..2..]
Press Enter to start up Darwin/x86 with no options, or you can:
type -v
type ?


After the countdown it boots up my Tiger, if I type anything, it's going to bring me back to the installation.

But i don't like to have my DVD always in Drive, to start up Mac OS X.


So then i played a little with it and bootet the Vista DVD to set my Vista Partition "active", to start Vista.

Done. Back in Vista i tryed to setup the Bootloader via those "bcdedit" -commands in command prompt.


Same here.


If the DVD is NOT inside and the OSX partition is active, it says me,

Updating DMI Pool Data....Done

No Operating System


If the DVD is NOT inside and the Vista partiton is active, in Bootloader only Vista works.


I followed this guide mostly:

This Tutorial


I tried to configure the Start partition in Systempreferences in Tiger, but it broke my MBR, so i restored id, using fdisk /mbr. Now same as before.


Hope someone can help, thanx!!



AMD 64 X2 5600+

Gigabyte Ga-Ma-69G

ATI HD2600

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