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Installed Iatkos but its not working :(


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Hi,I'm a newbie to MACs and i thought I'd have ago at installing Iatkos. I formatted my partition into HFS+ and it said it installed successfully.


When I reboot it loads up acronis boot manager and says I can load either vista or "Unknown operating system" I try to but the later but it comes up with an error.I then went to the Mac terminal and looked at diskutil and tried mounting the MAC partition there.


It mounted it... I then typed "Diskutil info /dev/disk0s2" And it showed info on the partition etc...One thing that caught my eye was "Bootable: Not Bootable"Does anyone have any ideas please?Oh and my PC supports SSE2 and SSE3


Many thanks



I have just found this:


When I go to install the EFI I get all the way up to "EFI emulation selected. For Intel CPUS, you can select kernel in customize selection... etc etc"It then says "Are you sure? [Y/N]" I press Y and then it says installing... then i get this


hdiutil:unmount:"s2" failed to unmount due to error 2.hdiutil:unmount failed - No such file or directorystartupfiletool: opendev(s2): No such file or directorydd: s2: Read-only file systemhdiutil:mountvol failed - No such file or directoryYou can quit the terminal.osx.Turk teamlogout[Process completed]


I also get the same on another computer so it must be me!

Hope thats some more helpa


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