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DiskImage backup of installation


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So I finally managed to install 10.5.0 from flatimage and finetune all the kext's and everything. Updated to 10.5.1 and installed basic apps.

Took over week to get everything working in nForce 650i motherboard and I would like to save my work if something goes wrong.


How do I backup the approx. 20GB Leopard installation and make image from it?

Image that could be used with DD to dumb it back when necessary.


I have 2 x SATA 250GB and 1 X IDE 40GB (to spare).

First SATA has XP and couple other partitions and this is the OS where system normally boots.

Second SATA has 40GB for Leopard and 200GB for data as FAT (I boot to leo from BIOS by selection manually boot-drive with F8).


- Should I boot to XP and copy the partition from there to image (with what tool and how? Can I use DD with if=disk of=file ? How do I determine size?)


- Or should I boot iAtkos DVD and use disktool to make the image (how exactly?)


- Or is there some other way? I tried CCC from Leopard but apparently it can't create image of itself on the fly or can it?





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