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Installation problem report


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Hi all,


This post is a little report on my installation problem on my configuration.

So my configuration is :

  • Motherboard : Asus P5B Deluxe Wifi AP
  • Processor : Intel Core 2 Duo 6400
  • Memory : 2 x 1GB DDRII 800MGhz Corsair (Dual Channel)
  • Video : NVidia GeForce 7950 GT 256 MB
  • HDD : 250GB (For Windows) and a brand new 500GB (For Mac OS)
  • DVD : IDE DVD-RW Samsung and USB DVD-RW Samsung

Utilities used to install :

  • GParted (For partitionning)
  • Kalyway 10.5.1 for SSE2/SSE3 with 512MB
    Just to report a little problem with this zip file. I was unable to uncompress it on Windows with WinRAR, TugZIP, 7Zip, Izarc !! Because of a CRC error on the Iso. In fact the Iso file is reported as a 400MB file instead of a 4.5GB. So I have uncompressed it with WinZIP and when WinZIP has finished its process, I kill WinZIP task because WinZIP try to erase the file (Because of the file size difference). The MD5 check of both (Zip and Iso) files are Ok :)

Firs of all, the motherboard configuration :

  • SATA Configured as AHCI
  • JMicron configured as IDE

To install, I must start on USB DVD Drive (Because of the JMicron). First I Started with GParted to create one 100GB partition on my 500GB HDD.

Then I start the Kalyway DVD, I install with Vanilla Kernel, Network Realtek and MBR. All install right and start on my configuration (even if I change the SATA configuration in the motherboard as IDE !)


But now here is my problem :

  • I don't have the Wifi
  • I can't change resolution. I only have 1024x768 (The Video card is recognized but not the display screen)

Could you help me to fix these problem... I'm newbie on Mac, so thank's to all the help you could give me.



(Xcuse my English, I'm French :) )

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