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No Sound from newly installed 10.5.1


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Just installed Kalyways 10.5.1 this past week. Things seemed to be fine except when I tried to play a movie, there was no sound and when I went to System Preferences --> Sound, there is nothing listed in the Sound output or input.


Informati0n for my IBM ThinkPad laptop


BIOS Version 2.06

BIOS Date 2006-11-20

Embedded Controller Version 1.07

CPU Type Genuine Intel® CPU T2500

CPU Speed 2.00 GHz

Installed Memory 1024MB


System Profiler states my audio (built in) is Intel High Definition Audio. Device ID: 0x17AA2010


Running MAC OS X 10.5.1

Kernel is Darwin 9.1.0


any suggestions? I read one thread about the sound issue and was lost..any ideas would be appreciated.



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Hi. I'm working on the same problem. Did you get your wireless and ATI card to work ? I got the resolution right 1400x1050. but can't get the ATI driver to work prob.. I need QE (Quartz Extreme) to work. my Core Image is set to Software... which I think is right.

The Wireless seems to be a problem all around this forum. What kind of ThinkPad do you got. mine is Z61m. core duo 2 2Ghz 2GB ram, 100 7200 HD.

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