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ASUS P5KR + XFX6800GS + P4 530D with Kalyway 10.5.1


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Hi Everyone,


I m try Kalyway 10.5.1 with following config:




P4 530D

SATA Matox HD x 2 (one with WinXP installed, I planned to use the other HD for mac)

SATA Lite-On DVD Recorder


In my BIOS setting,

I use SATA Configuration - [Enhanced] and configure SATA as - [iDE]

also disabled j-micron eSATA/PATA Controller

and use default BIOS values


I was successfully boot from the DVD and the installation seems finish with no errors.

but when it first reboot, it either show a black blank screen with a underscore cursor, or keep rebooting after showing ??? Darwin??? (i forget)..


Actually, I have tried difference option in the customize box when install:


With or Without Vanilla_Kernel and Vanilla_ACPI_fix

NVINJECT_nvidia_laptop / NATIT_gfnvidia

HDA_ALC883 (DS3)

BOOT_efi_mbr / BOOT_efi_guid


but I still unable the boot the system.


Is anything I am wrong? Thanks a lot

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Hi. Not sure if I can help - you have different processor but I'll try


1) SATA config: IDE

configure as: Enchanced

2) no need to disable JMicron if you use Kalyway 10.5.1 - makes no difference.


3) try change the following in BIOS from defaults -

ADVANCED --> USB Configuration --> Port 64/60 Emulation - Disabled

ADVANCED --> CPU Configuration --> Execute Disable Bit - Enabled

ADVANCED --> CPU Configuration --> Intel SpeedStep - Disabled

ADVANCED --> On-board devices Conf --> Onboard 1394 Controler --> Enabled

ADVANCED --> On-board devices Conf --> Serial Port1 Address - Disabled

ADVANCED --> PCi and P --> Plug and Play OS --> Yes


Hope this helps

Anyway - try to find the topic with Kalyway 10.5.1. installation discussion - people from Kalyway team help there.


And also when you select install optioons on Kalyway - mak sure you select only options correspondng to yr hardware. If your hardware is not mentioned - do not tick the option at all.


good luck

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