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OSX Tiger / Leopard Dual Boot

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Hi everyone.


I will get my new PC tomorrow, I bought everything in order to make it work with OSX. I was going to install Tiger only, because I know that it works, and maybe Windows in another partition.

In another topic, a user recommended me installing Leopard, because he has the same hardware that I chose, and it works for him. But I know I'm not so lucky, and the first thing I need is to have Final Cut Express HD working (my eMac died some weeks ago, and I need to finish some works), so I want to make 2 partitions, and install Tiger and Leopard, so if I have problems with one of them, I can boot with the other and keep working.

I'll also install VMWare to have the possibility of using Windows when I need.


How do you recommend me to do this? As it is only Mac, will the Darwin bootloader recognize both systems and work? Or I'll have to do some tweaks anyway.


I was told to install Vanilla kernel. Does this affect something about the bootloader?




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