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iATKOS hanging during instalation


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hi guys


i've been trying to install mac os x on my pc for a few days now.


i'm using:

intel 2.8ghz p4 (w/ sse2 support)

512 mb ram

gigabyte p4 titan mainboard

40gb hdd


and following several different guides on the internet, but everytime i get to the "reboot your computer" and "boot from the dvd" stage it all goes pear shaped


when i press f8 and use the "-v" flag i get this error:

bsd root: disk2s3, major 14, minor 8


i assume it doesnt see my hdd?

i used rd=disk0s1, but that only casued the pc to instantly reset


when i press any key at the boot screen..

it just hangs at the apple loading screen.



i've done some basic troubleshooting, but didnt get too far.

i re-burnt the disk, re extracted it (zip)


tried to install on virtual machine too, but it would instantly reset too..



any suggestions would be great..

i'm not sure what to try next.



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