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Hmm... I'm stuck on install


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I'm attempting to put Leopard Kalyway on a clean disk, reformatted Dell Latitude D600. It's an old laptop I had laying around so I though I'd put it to good use.


I've installed Kaly's 10.5.1. I can view folders and contents via terminal on the install disk, but reboot/boot only gives me "_", the blank flahing cursor.


The disk is mbr format and I selected the mbr option on install. Likewise , I tried guid with a guid install. Both yield the flashing cursor.


I can't boot to the Mac OS via the install disk I have, only the install portion. I can access terminal via disk utility.


If you can assist I'd greatly appreciate it. To me it looks like the bios isn't pointing to an accurate boot partition, but the entire disk is HFS+ with a single partition. fdisk shows the active boot is the #1, which has the only data written.


Please excuse my limited knowledge. I used to play with linux +5 years ago and have next to no Windows experience, so pretend you are helping a clueless old Mom.... in fact, don't pretend.




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