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Inspiron 5100 OSX86


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Well im really new to all this osx86 stuff so please bear with me. I have a dell inspiron 5100 with bios a32 512 mb of ram 80Gb hd and a 7500 and a 2.8 p4 northwood. I am trying to use kalyway iso but i put the disk it it boots up to darwin/x86 it goes through all of that and right when it is about to finish it restarts. What am i doing wrong? I heard people have used osx86 and the inspiron 5100. I also have a image for 10.4.7 and that does the same thing. Thanks for your help

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My notebook is similar to yours:

I have a Dell Inspiron 5150 2.66 Ghz Pentium 4, 256 MB RAM.

Kalyway didnt work for me, never enters the installation routine.


My advice to you is: go to the P Bay and download the iATKOS 1.0r2 prepatched, 2.44Gb. I could install it, but now I have a little problem to solve ("Press down power button to reboot"), maybe is for the 256 of RAM.

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i got a dell inspiron 5160...

installation went fine with Itakos..( excuse the spelling )

may not be correct..

it works great, but after installation....time for reboot..

it boots and hangs on the blinking cursor..

tried all kind of patch and fixes..

no avail either



60gb HD




if i can only get it to boot correct....

try the patch fix too..

couldn't get it to load from the usb drive

here's the instruction:

boot into dvd....

under utility...terminal

then from there



cd ..

cd ..

cd Volumes

cd Patcher............no such file it says

cd files ................no such file...


driving me nuts

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Thanks for the replies ill try that now. I wodner if it matters that i have replaced the HDD, CD drive, RAM, CPU, graphics card (it died), and monitor, oh and keyboard, and put in ATHEROS wireless card. huh only thing i havent replaced is mobo

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