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Keybord Identify Looping and Looping, Again and Again


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i think this is one of the strangest problem i've ever seen.Mac OS X Leopard 10.5.1 for AMD SSE2/SSE3 (32bits).previously i installed this one successfully on my pc (with some kext mod, yes, Medevil's sata patch), into a SATA HD.after some UB file modifications, OSX is not stable, so i delete it and then i want to put Leopard onto a PATA HD,why? because i give the SATA space to Linux ;). thing goes well until the Keyboard Identify process, after filling in the registering form, then bang ! the same screen popup, "please press the key....etc....." filling form again, and again.....................and again.......what's the problem? i use the same DVD and the same pc :P the same HD driver :Pforgot: i'm using USB keyboard/mouse, and both of them works when installing on my SATA HD :D

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YAY!!! The first time I started the OS with -x because my graphics card didn´t work. The Keyboard setup just looped.

Then i re-booted into setup with the DVD and removed GeForce.kext to fix the problem (I was going to fix the graphics problem later) and now after booting to osx is dose NOT loop anymore.



Oh... when I fixed the GeForce problem I dont need the -x boot. (if i was not clear on that)


IT WORKS!!!! HEHEHEHE... I`m so happy. Man what a nerd I am.


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well this big cat finally works here.


i did a fresh install(without choosing the 8X00 driver,


if check it or format HD as sensitive HFS+, installater will say disk error) onto my PATA HD,


after the first crash boot (complain about geforce stuff ), i use -x to boot again, and filling


the registering form(no more looping). enter into osx , everything goes fine from


here.............and joho, if i didn't patch the DVD with the latest Medevil NForce SATA driver,


Zep's original DVD will boot into a kernel crash on my NF520 MB.


btw, i heard Apple will use AMD cpu and MB in their future product. that will be great.and another good news is Zep is doing Beta testing for his DVD Rev.2





- EFI v.8

- No more Lan Freezes whilst using nForce LAN

- Bootloader has been fixed

- PS2Controller has been fixed

- Quicktime & Security Update included and automatically CPUID patched

- Auto-Detect the CPU and show it on "About this Mac"

- Includes Marvins AMD Utility

- Includes Zephyroths NVIDIA Universal Installer (GeForce 5/6/7, 8800GTX/GTS/GT 8600/8500 GT 8400 GS Support)

- Includes drivers for ATI :

- Radeon HD 38x0, 3800, 2900, 2600 and 2400

- Radeon X19x0

- Radeon X1600

- Includes the following network drivers :

- LAN : forcedeth and skge

- WiFi : Broadcom (BCM4306,4309,4318,4320 and 4324), Ralink RT73 and RT2500

- Includes X11 Fix

- Languages: ALL





i found another solution somewhere, for ppl who had the same problem i write it here :P when ask you if want to transfer user information, choose transfer user info from another Tiger, that's it.



And the most elegant way:


The repeating setup screen, happens because there is problems with recognition of Your ethernet card.

You can try to get it working by installing right kexts for your ethernet card. But the most simple solution (which I highly recommend for newbies) is booting with

"Graphics Mode"="640x480x32" because the resolution is so small the setup screen will be skipped, and since then it won't show up every time you boot "Your" OS X (no matter of resolution). The only con is that You can't pick Your username, it would be "admin" by default. You can obviously change it later.


080115 updated:


found offical answers from Zephyroth's Wiki:




Issue: Upon install, the process hangs in an infinite (?) loop circling between chosing language and creating / transferring an user acount ("Do you already own a mac?").

According to the forum, the problem seems to be connected to problems concerning the network card.


Solution 1: Importing an account from an existing (Tiger) installation.


Solution 2: Booting with the flag "Graphics Mode"="640x480x32". The resulting low screen-resolution prevents the setup screen, thus skipping the "loop". As one is not able to create a new username, only the default "admin" is created. This can be changed later on.


Solution 3: Some people reported success with disabling the network card in the bios or disconnecting the cable.


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