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Cannot install Leopard on my PC


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Hello all,,,


i have a problem with Leopard installation

this is my computer spec


Intel C2D 6550 2.33Ghz

Gigabyte P35-S3L

2 X 1 GB Corsair DDR2 667

HD Western Digital 160 GB SATA II

VGA HIS X1300 256 DDR2

15" SAMSUNG Monitor.

DVD ROM SONY lil bit slow on reading


first i can boot my leopard dvd Toh and then loading until Installation menu.

next i click on HD Utilities,,,

the problem is here,,,


i cannot read my HD Western Digital 160 GB SATA II

and i looking on my bios setup is ON,,,

but when i plug my USB HDD external MAXTOR 60GB ,,, the HD utilities can read this one,,,except my Western Digital,,,


please help me with a good solution,,, >.<


i am sorry with my english,,,newbie on english

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