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How to waste a timelife


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I have the TOH RC2 or something like that.

My PC conifguration Asus P5NESLI

Core 2 Duo 6600

4X1GB Ram (Kingston)

2X250 Sata HDD

1X160 Sata HDD

Nvidia 8800GTS 640Mb

I cant make it to the installation.It comes to the grey screen and then.....stuck :)

No matter what i cant pass this. I cant get to cosole i didnt get the spining wheel. Only one time i made it to language selection and then....stuck.

I know that it takes time but hoe many time do we speak about? I leave it that way for two (2) hours.Is there anyway and i mean it ANYWAY to make this think work?

Im willing to buy it.I have never bought anything (software) in my life but i cant take it anymore.

Please i need a helping hand or foot or or or or:)

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