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Disk Insertion Error

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I'm not too sure if this has been answered or not, as I haven't found any related topic through searching, but I am getting the following error whenever I boot into Leopard:


Disk Insertion

The disk you inserted was not readable by this computer.


Whenever I look at the Disk Utility program, I see a Config disk which is 322kb (can someone explain that one to me? Is it the EFI?), my Windows partition as disk0s2, and my CDROM (an NEC ND-3520A). At boot, the Windows partition does not show up, but after a little bit of time, the Windows partition will show up, and I can browse it. The error message will eventually go away if I leave it alone, but it is more annoying than anything whenever I boot into it.


Also, anyone have problems not being able to use the CDROM eject button on the drive itself? I think that might be expected behavior though. But whenever some time passes, and I try to use a software eject on the CDROM mount, sometimes it will not eject the drive. Whenever this happens, I know restart and shutdown won't work. Anyone have a problem like this? Loading from the drive is OK to a point (I recently had problems copying over .mp3 files from my DVD to the iTunes folder as it copied 0KB files, and wouldn't allow me to delete them until a hard reboot).




P.S. I've seen a lot of problems with audio and the P5W DH board, and mine is running OK. Updates work from Apple and using the iATKOS install, network is good with standard kernel, X1900XT is running and being picked up from a glxinfo command in the terminal, DRI is running with the Radeon, programs install fine, restart works most of the time, along with shutdown, but sleep is an issue, as I've been reading. Just a FYI on the iATKOS cd...

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