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Sigmatel 9227 Post Driver-Installation Problem

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Alright, over the winter break, I have installed Mac OS X Leopard on my Dell 9200 (specs are below). I have managed to get everything working except for the on-board 82566DC Gigabit Network.


A few days ago, my audio was working fine, but I restarted to go back into XP, did something, restarted, and POOF! My audio is gone! I then rebooted a couple of times, reinstalled the driver with the 1.16 patcher a couple of time, and somehow managed to get my audio back.


Now yesterday, my audio was back to normal again. I rebooted to go back into XP to play a game or something, and went back into Leopard again. My audio is gone again! {censored}. I have rebooted about 50 of times, reinstalling drivers about a dozen of times, and replaced my AppleHDA and ALCinject kexts with the one found on the 5150 install guide. I have installed the drivers both from the dump that people here use, and one that I have made myself from a knoppix dump (I had to use cat /proc/asound/card0/codec#2 instead of codec#0, I don't know what difference it makes, I was (and still am) desperate. I used both 1.16 and 1.13 to install these, but mostly 1.16).


The AppleHDApatcher shows SPDIF AUDIO OUT: DETECTED, but there is no audio still. Can someone enlighten me on why there is no sound still? This makes no sense to me and I think I'm starting to lose hair over this...




Dell Dimension 9200

CPU: Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 2.4 GHz

RAM: 2 GB Stock Dell RAM

HD: 1.02 TB (750 GB + 250 GB + 80 GB)

Video Card: XFX Nvidia 7600 GS

Audio: Sigmatel 9227 NOT WORKING (DRIVER DIED)

Network: 82566DC Gigabit Network (On-Board) (Not working, using USB WiFi as workaround)

System: iAtkos 1.0i 10.5.1

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Ok, I did a clean reinstallation, and it worked! The Driver installed. At first, it detected my sound card, but no audio. After installing my Knoppix dump, it started working!


As a bonus, I selected the Natit driver instead of Titan, and now I have Dual Screens! AWESOME!

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