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Problem trying to format to Mac Extended (J)


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Hi everyone, just joined this forum after I read about all the cool stuff everyone can do with a Mac PC.


Hope to join you all soon... I have a problem that I cant seem to figure out and have been trying more than 8 times to format my WD 120GB Sata HDD for OSX86.


I am using the KALYWAY 10.5.1 DVD and I managed to boot into the installer by using "-x -legacy cpus=1", after that I go to disk utilities to format the whole hdd to Mac Extended "Journaled", everytime I click to activate the process, the bar will "move" and the HDD is being accessed, however after around 5mins or so, I will get the Mac greyed out screen that says "Please Restart your PC by pressing the restart button or by holding the Power button" that is written in a few languages. And I notice the HDD activity LED is permanently lit but I cant hear any disk movement.


This is the part that I cannot get pass and still very clueless after all the searching in the forums.


My system:

Intel C2D 6400 2.13Ghz


2 x 1GB Kingston 667Mhz DDR2

EGVA 8800GTS 312mb

WD 120GB Sata HDD

Seagate 320GB Sata HDD

WD 500GB Sata HDD

Pioneer 16x DVD-RW IDE

Samsung 20x DVD-RW Sata


To boot I only use the below and disable via Bios the rest of the devices:

WD 120GB Sata HDD

Samsung 20x DVD-RW Sata



Hope some gurus can help me out and enlighten me with your knowledge.



Much appreciated,




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