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Screwed up my OSX somehow...


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Hi, I had Leopard running ... okayish on my Dell XPS M1210 laptop, It ran well excpet for the start up issue where if I booted with the power cord it, it wouldn't start up, and it can't sleep or hibinate or restart without crashing. My other problem was I couldn't use duel monitors, so I found some Ktexts on insanely mac and installed them using ktext helper, then I restarted and It appeared that none of the ktexts fixed anything (I used that Nvidia duel monitor one and a power management one), I still couldn't move my display to a second monitor or even detect one, and ontop of that, the top right hand section is frozen every time (where the clock and spotlight and bluetooth is displayed) Also it stoped my bluetooth from working so I can't use my lovely apple wirless keyboard anymore...


So does anyone have any ideas? Is there like a system restore? or did I just screw myself over? How do I know that a ktext will be safe to install?


Thanks for the help,


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