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3 laptops ( dell inspiron 9200,9300 & 5160


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I have dell inspiron 9200, 9300 & 5160.

Which of these can I use for installing leopard?


I have tried to install on 5160...but having problems.

blinking cursor.....that's it after install....won't go any further than that...

did search...ask me to use dparted live cd...still didn't work.

what did I do worng?

where did i go worng?


desperately needed it!

thnx a mill in advance!

god bless!


tried it on 9200...

just hang on the apple logo screen and spinning wheel

that's it..

been doing it for 4 days now..now result..

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Hi ME!


I have managed to get Leopard working on my Dell Inspiron 5160 laptop.


All working but the sound is a bit glitchy when running apps.


Install method: KALYWAY LEOPARD 10.5.1 intel SSE2 and SSE3 Only (with 512 MB of RAM)!!! efi v8


Partition HDD to mac osx extended (journaled) 1 partition. At this point check that master boot record is checked in options.


At custom install select :


Vannila Kernel ACPIPlatform: leave blank

SSE2: Leave blank

Video Drivers : NATT_gfnvida....... tick

Sound Drivers :AZALIA_out...........tick

Network Drivers: Leave blank

Bootloaders: mbr only not guid.


All Apple udates working...


Hope this helps

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